Manage Driver Risk of Your Employees by Monitoring their Driving Record

Employers and corporations should check the driving history of their employees annually or semi-annually. This is particularly true for employers and corporations who hire employees that will be driving on behalf of the company. Below are a few of the reasons that support the need for checking driving records more frequently.

The Litigious Nature of Society

Over the past ten years, society has continued to become more litigious in nature. Corporations spend millions of dollars each year disposing of lawsuits. Employers who don’t frequently check the driving record of their employees may expose themselves to additional liability. Consider the following example. A corporation hires an employee to deliver goods in a specified area. The employee has a clean driving record upon being hired, however they are subsequently involved in a couple of accidents resulting from driving while intoxicated. If that employee were to be involved in an accident while driving for the company resulting from intoxication, the company’s liability could increase considerably. However, an annual or semi-annual monitoring of the employee’s motor vehicle record could help to prevent that type of scenario from occurring.

Safety is Paramount

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that an employee can engage in. Regular motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring can help employers to identify employees who may pose a risk to the company’s equipment and the safety at large. MVR monitoring of an employee’s driving record can help to identify these risks through motor vehicle reports much more effectively than simply using pre-employment screening alone.

Positive Company Culture

Corporations who employ responsible strategies, such as monitoring the motor vehicle record of their employees can create a culture of accountability. Corporations can have a considerable influence on the lives of their employees, encouraging each of them to lead responsible lives both at work and off-the-clock. Choosing to utilize these types of tools can help enhance the reputation of any business or corporation. It sends a message to the public at large that the corporation cares about the safety of its employees and those in the community.

Providing a Supportive Environment

Regular monitoring of each employee’s motor vehicle report could help to identify those employees who have an exceptional driving record. This would provide a company with an opportunity to provide incentives to employees who consistently display an unmatched driving record. In addition, monitoring employees’ driving records could also help a corporation to identify employees who are experiencing some challenges that could affect their work performance in other areas. This would enable these employers to help address these issues effectively to ensure maximum efficiency.

Important Implementation Considerations

Before implementing a new program designed to frequently check the motor vehicle records of employees, it is important to disclose this information. Companies that have employee handbooks should update their handbooks to include this information. In addition, companies should also consider informing each employee through an information sheet and requesting that each employee sign an acknowledgement form agreeing to the new procedures. Finally, corporations with an office dedicated to human resources should include their HR office in the implementation process.

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